Did you know that we brewed our own beers? Well we do.

Introducing Flagship Beer

We’re taking a big step with our in-house beers! With a name change and expansion plans on the horizon we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign. With your help, we can brew more beer, expand our styles, start to keg, bottle and much more.

Here’s how it works - you pledge an amount in return for something back from us. We have lots of levels, starting at £5 where you’ll get a thank you mention on our website, or if you’d like us to set up a bar for you and supply the beers we’ll do that for a pledge of £1000. And there’s lots more in between. Details of all the pledges can be found on our crowdfunding page


Why are we doing this?

Currently we rent some of our brewing kit and so to expand we need your help. We have £10000 to create our expansion to the brewery and we need £20000 more for our other beery projects - wider distribution, keg-conditioned beer, whole new styles, and bottling runs. We hope this is just the beginning of Flagship Beer, we have loads of stuff we’d like to do...

Flagship Beer Timeline

December 2017 - Bottling Runs
At this level, we can bottle lots of our core range along with specials, all rebranded as Flagship Beer, and distribute to bottle shops across the country. This buys us bottling kit we can reuse, labels, printing and marketing
December 2017 to January 2018 - Cask Expansion Project
We own just enough casks to fill with beer, deliver to the pub, cellar and serve. To distribute beyond the pub, we need a cask population.
March 2018 - Carbonation, kegging and conditioning
We want to brew German and Belgian styles, which don’t suit low-pressure casks (though we’ve tried!). This goal covers complex kegging kit, a population of reusable stainless steel 30l kegs.
May 2018 - New fermenters
Our three sturdy stainless steel fermenters have been great for traditional styles, but we can’t use them for modern styles. This goal expands our capacity hugely. This also includes new pumps, hoses, all kinds of gaskets and clamps fittings and a really big box to keep them in!
June 2018 - Storage Space
Our current storage space is pretty small, with just enough room for a few week’s production and no room at all for storing bottles and kegs. This will get us long term rental of a cooled storage unit where we can keep all that extra production.

Flagship Beers

Silhouette (4.5%) - Dry Irish stout, with plenty of roasted, toasted richness.

Sublime (3.8%) - This light, session pale owes its citrus tang to plenty of Cascade hops.

Lupa (3.6%) - A blend of citrus peels and Styrian Wolf hops for a sweeter, balanced pale.

Radiant (5.0%) - Warming and robust, fruity hops, and golden with a little honeyed sweetness.

Level (4.2%) - Medium roasted notes, toffee and caramel, soft fruitiness.

Bergamot (5%) - At once floral and crisp with a quality Earl Grey blend and light pale malts.

Slice (5%) - Lightly hopped, then steeped on gentle fruits for sweetness.

Doppio (4.8%) - A sweet, roasted double of dark malts and espresso from Caffe Riccardo, Love Lane, Liverpool.

Please get in touch if you would like to stock any of our beers. Our AWRS number is XYAW00000107596.

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