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Did you know that we brewed our own beers? Well we do.

Flagship Beer

Flagship Beer was launched in 2016, and has gone from supplying the Ship & Mitre to national distribution.

What are we about?

Our traditional cask beers on rotation in the Ship include:

Our kegged beers are influenced by trips to Belgium, Germany and the US:

Flagship Beers

Silhouette (4.5%) - Dry Irish stout, with plenty of roasted, toasted richness.

Sublime (3.8%) - This light, session pale owes its citrus tang to plenty of Cascade hops.

Lupa (3.6%) - A blend of citrus peels and Styrian Wolf hops for a sweeter, balanced pale.

Level (4.2%) - Medium roasted notes, toffee and caramel, soft fruitiness.

Glisk (3.8%) - Clear and bright, with a little residual sweetness. Some citrus flavours from the hops and orange powder.

Zdravo (3.8%) - It's got some interesting new hops called Styrian Dragon from Slovenia that add a sort of melon sweetness. That's backed by more warm spicy flavours from the rye.

Yonder (4.3%) - A little sweet and nutty with balanced bitterness after.

Vandal (4.1%) - A super light session extra pale - meaning extra light body, not extra strong. Very drinkable.

Culprit (9.0%) - Initial sweetness and a little roasted malt and chocolate or coffee giving way to a big, smooth sour flavour. Many plum porters use cupcake flavoring for the plum, which is crap and artificial tasting once you know what to look for.

Ursula (4.5%) - Very light and well carbonated. Not filtered, so can have a little haze to it. The haze is specialist yeast which also gives the beer a dry, almost mineral flavour.

Minerva (5.0%) - Full bodied wheat with a lot of citrus hopping. Like a witbier, it also has orange and coriander in the boil to add sharpness and slight spice.

Unruly (5.0%) -A dry, sharp and effervescent raspberry beer with a dry Kolsch finish.

Parade (4.5%) - Light citrus hops, a little sweetness from mixed grains in the maltbill.

Sirius (5.0%) - Big tropical fruit flavours combined with tangerine and Satsuma character from the Manderina Bavaria hops.

Doppio (4.8%) - An Espresso Porter with a sweet, roasted double of dark malts and espresso from Caffe Riccardo, Love Lane, Liverpool.

Kibosh (6.0%) - A traditional Saison with fruitiness from the yeast and a clean, crisp mouthfeel.

Please get in touch if you would like to stock any of our beers. Our AWRS number is XYAW00000107596.

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