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World Craft Beers

The UK is experiencing an upsurge in excitement around the craft beer movement and whether you like your craft beers bottled, canned, casked or kegged we will bring you great beers from exciting and creative breweries.

We have up to 14 ever-changing lines of craft beer, so to satisfy everyone we vary them as much as possible - here's a look at what our lines will usually look like:

  • 1 Local (rotating with Liverpool and other North West breweries, such as Tyton, Neptune, Ad Hop and Carnival).
  • 1 Non Local UK (Breweries from all around the UK, including Magic Rock, Cloudwater and DEYA).
  • 1 USA (Breweries from across the Atlantic, such as Flying Dog, Stone and Founders).
  • 1 Foreign Export (Amundsen, Evil Twin, Lervig).
  • 1 Sour/ Saison Line.
  • 1 Dark Beer line.
  • 1 Strong IPA line.
  • 1 Session ale line
  • And our self titled "Alternate/Weird Beer line" which has had the likes of Cloudwater One-Off Belgian Plum ale, Lavender & Hibiscus Pale, Ice Cream Pale Ales, and more wonderful stuff.

    To give you a flavour of what you can expect, take a look at the tables below of what’s currently available.

  • Craft Beers On Now

    Brewery Name Style ABV Pint Half Nip
    Little Creatures Pale Ale Imported from Australia Pale 5.4% £ 4.80 £ 2.40 £ 1.60
    Flagship Unruly Raspberry Lager 5.0% £5.20 £2.60 £1.74
    Flagship Kibosh Traditional Saison 6% £4.80 £2.40 £1.60
    Flagship Minerva White IPA 5.0% £4.80 £2.40 £1.60
    Shipyard American Pale Ale American Pale Ale 4.5% £4.80 £2.40 £1.60
    Team Toxic Wise Up Sippers Cryo Hop IPA 4.5% £4.80 £2.40 £1.60
    Beavertown Neck Oil Session IPA 4.3% £4.80 £2.40 £1.60
    Founders All Day IPA Session IPA 4.7% £5.30 £2.65 £1.77
    ABK HELL German Helles Lager 5.0% £4.80 £2.40 £1.60
    Camden Town Helles Lager Helles Lager 4.6% £4.80 £2.40 £1.60
    Camden Town Pale Ale Pale Ale 4.0% £4.80 £2.40 £1.60

    Current Bottle/Can Selection

    • C'84: No. 18 (Black Forest Gataeu Porter)
    • C'84: No. 17 (Caramel Mocha Porter)
    • Magic Rock: Fantasma (Gluten Free IPA)
    • White Hag: Ninth Wave (New World Pale)
    • White Hag: Little Fawn (Session IPA)
    • Siren: Soundwave (American IPA)
    • Northern Monk: Eternal (Session IPA)
    • Flying Dog: Snakedog (Strong IPA)
    • Carnival: Skosh (Rhubarb & Honey Pale)
    • Beavertown: Space Born (Hazy Pale)
    • Mother Earth: Cali' Creamin' (Vanilla Cream Ale)
    • Cwrw Ial: Pocket Rocket (Session IPA)
    • Cwrw Ial: Kia Kaha (New Zealand Pale)
    • Lindemans: Faro (Lambic)
    • Lindemans: Geuze Boon (Belgian Sour)
    • Lindemans: Kriek Boon (Cherry Sour)
    • Whiet Hag: Cauldron of Plenty (Oatmeal Porter)
    • Magic Rock: Murk Life Balance (Hazy Pale Ale)
    • Magic Rock: Dark Arts (Stout)
    • Tiny Rebel: Cali Pale (Juicy Pale)
    • Tiny Rebel: Oh My God, They Killed (New England IPA)
    • Tiny Rebel: Easy Livin' (Session Pale)
    • Tiny Rebel: Five Dollar Shake (Creamy Pale)
    • Tiny Rebel: Stay Puft (Marshmallow Porter)
    • Tiny Rebel: Cwtch (Welsh Red Ale)
    • Tiny Rebel: Cosmic Surfin'(Oat Milk New England Pale)
    • Tiny Rebel: Black Cherry Cream (Black Cherry Creams Soda Pale)
    • Tiny Rebel X Joe Sugg: Slush Dawg (Raspberry & Cherry Ice Cream Float)
    • Tiny Rebel: Pump Up The Jam (Jam Doughnut Pale)
    • Goose Island: Goose 312 (Wheat Ale)
    • Black Lodge: Combine Our Minds (Black IPA)
    • Neptune: Single Handed Sailor (Tropical Pale)
    • Carnival: OK Limbo (Hazy Pale Ale)
    • Big Bog: Padi (Pale Ale)
    • Big Bog: HinkyPunk (Pale Ale)
    • Damm: Damm Lemon (Lemon Radler)
    • Damm: Complot IPA (8 Hop IPA)
    • Blue Moon: Blegian White (Witbier)
    • Purple Moose: Black Rock (Stout)
    • Damm: Inedit (Wheat Beer)

    Reflecting the innovative nature of the craft industry our selection is always changing so check out our menu boards around the pub for our latest arrivals.

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